The most common question that we have been getting lately is about changing host and its implication with Search Engine Ranking.
The short answer is that there should not be any implications. As long it is done the right way.
And doing it the right way is our forte.
Actually migrating your domain tor our Host Servers is a part of the Multitude of Free Services offered by EckWebSite Hosting and Design.
We will make sure that the transition is done the right way.

  1. We set up your new site on our Servers while the old site will be still in function. So there will be no interruption whatsoever.
  2. We request a Lock Removal of your old site into your existing Host.
  3. We make the necessary DNS changes to point your domain name to our new Hosting Location.
  4. We make sure that Search Engines are properly crawling your site at its new location.
  5. Finally once everything is done properly we shutdown the old hosting location.

We use all the tools available and necessary to make it easy for Search engines so you ranking is not be affected much.